Opportunities in the 2023 Farm Bill

FACA developed a suite of policy recommendations for the upcoming farm bill [PDF] that would help achieve the food, agriculture, and forestry sectors’ climate mitigation potential while preserving and creating new economic opportunities.

These recommendations reflect FACA’s guiding principles and fall into six categories.

  • Conservation, Risk Management, and Credit
  • Energy
  • Food Waste
  • Forestry
  • Livestock and Dairy
  • Research, Extension, and Innovation

USDA Climate Pilot Recommendations, May 2021

In response to conversations calling for the establishment of a USDA-led carbon bank, FACA developed recommendations supporting the establishment of a USDA climate pilot project program [PDF]. FACA recommended that pilot projects focus on four areas:

  • Developing, improving and scaling climate-smart agriculture practices
  • Encouraging widespread adoption of climate-smart practices and critical climate infrastructure
  • Establishing carbon accounting criteria and guidelines for endorsing standards
  • Engaging with and providing equitable opportunities for minority, socially disadvantaged and small-scale producers

These recommendations helped shape the USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Program.

FACA Policy Report, November 2020

The eight founders of FACA developed a report in November 2020 based on the premise that federal policy can and should provide incentives and support for farmers, ranchers, and forest owners as they tackle the challenges created by climate change. These policy recommendations [PDF] cover six areas of focus: soil health, livestock and dairy, forests and wood products, energy, research, and food loss and waste.