Opportunities in the 2023 Farm Bill

U.S. farmers, ranchers, and forest owners are at the forefront of national efforts to address climate change. But they cannot do it alone. Further reducing emissions throughout the agricultural and forestry supply chain will require a comprehensive effort involving financial and technical assistance, research investments, proactive response to innovation, public-private partnerships, and a commitment to equitable opportunities for all producers.

With that in mind, the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA) Steering Committee has developed a suite of policy recommendations for the upcoming farm bill that will help the food, agriculture, and forestry sectors achieve our climate mitigation potential, while also preserving and creating new economic opportunities.

Since formally launching in 2020, FACA has grown into an 80+ member coalition. Today, our broad membership represents farmers, ranchers, forest owners, agribusinesses, manufacturers, the food and innovation sector, state governments, higher education associations, sportsmen and sportswomen, and environmental advocates.

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